What type of appointment should I book?

So that we can deliver personalised care in the most efficient and cost-effective way for you, we offer a range of appointment types.These are broadly categorised as consultations, procedures or follow-up appointments, and we can even arrange virtual consultations in some instances.

If you’re unsure what kind of appointment to book, just give us a call and we can help.


Whatever the problem, every Oxona patient journey begins with a consultation. At this appointment, a specialist will listen to your concerns, discuss your symptoms and address any questions.

Then, they’ll outline all your options and help you choose your next steps.

Pre-operative consultation


All patients must be seen for a Pre-op Consultation before any surgical procedure. During this appointment, you can discuss the removal of moles, cysts or anything else you would like to have removed. Your doctor will discuss removal methods, expected outcomes and provide you with a cost for the procedure. Small blemishes can sometimes be removed during this appointment if the doctor feels it is appropriate.

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Skin diagnosis/treatment consultation


This appointment is for the diagnosis and management of skin conditions. This appointment is needed for any skin condition e.g. acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis etc. If you would like to have any moles/lesions removed then this can also be discussed.
For Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) treatment, please only book with
Dr Anderson or Dr Rai.

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Full body mole and blemish check


A full body mole and blemish check and advice on self-monitoring and management. You can also discuss removal and the doctor will provide prices if desired.

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Procedure appointment

£ Various

If you have already seen a doctor you may have been advised to book a procedure appointment. You will need to select a time length. Please refer to your clinical notes if unsure. You will be charged a deposit to make this appointment. This fee will be deducted from final payment.

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We can conduct a wide range of procedures at our welcoming clinics, at lower prices than many private hospitals.

Each procedure is performed by highly experienced professionals, who will explain the process and expected outcomes.

Blemish removal

Small (less than 4mm)£135
Medium (4-8mm)£155
Large (8-12mm)£215
Extra large (more than 12mm)£280

Additional removals in the same session will see a significant reduction in price.

Multiple blemish/lesion removal

15 minutes£205
30 minutes£310
45 minutes£415
60 minutes£530

If you have a number of small lesions/ blemishes to be removed then this option may be most cost effective. It is charged by doctor time.

Mole removal (shave method)

Small (less than 4mm)£165
Medium (c. 6mm)£215
Large (c. 8mm)£280
Extra large (more than 10mm)£335

Prices range from £130-190 for additional moles removed in the same session.

Mole removal (cut & stitch method)


Prices range from £160-240 for additional moles removed in the same session.

Cyst/lipoma removal

Extra large£815

Prices range from £225-330 for additional cysts removed in the same session.

Cortisone injections

First injection£165
Additional injection£30

Wart & Verruca Treatment

15 minute session£185
30 minute session£295

Keloid scar excision


Prices range from £110-260 for additional keloid scars removed in the same session.


1-2 samples£115
More than 3 samples£155

Your doctor will advise on whether they recommend sending a specimen to the lad for analysis. We do not make any profit on histology samples as we recognise the importance of ensuring these tests are as accessible as possible.


Skin diagnosis and treatment consultation£185
Blood tests£142
Monthly follow-up appointment£110

Roaccutane can only be prescribed on a 30-day prescription. Patients must book a follow-up appointment on a monthly basis. Most treatment lasts 6 months. All patients will require two blood tests. A further blood test is required after any dose increases. We estimate the total treatment cost to be £1300-1400. This includes prescriptions which are paid directly to the pharmacy, prices are approximately £40-60 per month depending on dosage.

Some facial or complex procedures may incur an additional fee. This fee is between £50 - £150. This covers the additional time a doctor will need for suturing and ensuring the best outcomes. Your doctor will make it clear if your procedure falls into this category prior to any treatment.

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