What we do


Traditionally if  you wanted an expert opinion on your skin,  you would  see a  dermatologist. With consultation fees starting at around £250 plus more for procedures, costs can easily mount up.

At the Oxford Skincare Clinic, you have a better option. Doctors at the clinic are general practitioners with additional post-graduate qualifications and experience in dermatology, skin surgery, botox and fillers. We aim to give excellent care at prices you can really afford.

A 30 minute consultation is best for skin diseases.

For lumps and bumps  you want removed, 15 minute should be enough time to assess which treatment is best.

We also do mole screening.  Book a 45 minute appointment for an all over check.

As GP’s ourselves, we are well known to local practices.   Your GP does not need to write a referral letter to us.   Just book directly with us online or email us at [email protected]


Conditions we treat frequently:

Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis and Acne  including  prescribing Roaccutane 

Facial aesthetics  We mainly use Allergen brands botulinum toxin  and Hyaluronic Acid as they are reputable and reliable.  Dr Angela Anderson does most of our aesthetic treatments.

Under arm and facial sweating  Botulinum toxin gives excellent results. 

Mole removal  

Lipoma removal

Sebaceous cyst excision 

Warty growths/seborrheic keratoses removal 

Cherry spots, milia, spider veins, skin tag removal 

Age spot/lentigo treatment 

Skin Cancers   Small low risk ones are excised by our doctors. If you have a large or unusual skin cancers we refer on to NHS or private secondary care. 

Actinic keratosis treatment

Warts and verruca treatment 

Keloid scar treatment  Both cryotherapy and intralesional steroids are excellent choices. 

Earlobe repairs Dr Louise Reed has special expertise here

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