Post operative wound care advice.


The wound will heal by new skin moving across to fill the gap made by the procedure. This skin will be delicate and will not reach reasonable strength for three months. It can appear pink or slightly purplish for up to six months, before final remodeling and blending in with the surrounding skin. Do expect the wound to look quite red for first three weeks. It may also ooze a little. This is normal.


Following the instructions below will give the best cosmetic result.


  • Keep a dressing on if requested. Change dressing if blood stained, wet or dirty by following step 2 below.
  • Gently remove dressing and clean away and oozing and crusts with cool boiled water and cotton buds. Pat dry. Apply Vaseline and re-cover wound with dressing or plaster.
  • Remove dressing or plasters after …………. days and then protect wound with Vaseline every few hours until well healed, approx. 2 weeks. The idea is to keep the surface moist and well greased.
  • If you have been told to leave your wound uncovered then protect with frequent applications of Vaseline until healed.
  • The new skin and surrounding area will be red for a few weeks. If redness spreads or the skin becomes painful please let me know.
  • When healed, just moisturize regularly to keep skin soft and use sunscreen if you go outdoors.
  • Newly healed wounds may get itchy. 1% hydrocortisone cream, which reduces itch, can be safely used twice daily for up to one week. This cream can be purchased over the counter.
  • Skin stiches are designed to be loose. Don’t worry if some fall out before your follow up appointment. Stitch removal date ………………………
  • Showers are fine. Change dressing if it gets wet. Thereafter make sure wound is covered with a film of Vaseline or moisturizer before showering. Baths are not a good idea for the first two weeks.
  • Swimming is fine as long as you use a waterproof plaster.
  • Do not let any perfumes or sprays contact the wound until it has healed. Take care with shaving so as not to disturb healing skin.
  • Make up – You can use mineral powder foundation to camouflage a healing wound. Good brands include Clinique and Jane Iredale. Liquid or cream make ups are not recommended until the wound is healed.




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