Treatment of Keloid Scars at the Oxford Skincare Clinic


Keloid scars are harmless growths that are a result of abnormal healing after injury.

They occur only in some patients. Keloids are problematic and cause Aa lot of emotional distress.

They occur more frequently on the shoulders, chest, ear-lobes, upper arms and cheeks, although the reason for this distribution is unknown.

Keloids are a challenge as there are no totally effective treatments. The best results  are achieved by cryotherapy (freezing) and/or steroid injections. We can do both of these treatments at the clinic.

We keep prices as low as possible, and treatments are usually under £130. Most patients would need one or two treatments.


Only on the earlobe is this straightforward. Two weeks after ear piercing, apply prescription strength steroid cream twice daily. Buy some 10mm round neo-dynium magnets from Amazon (£3-4)  During the day you might want to wear your normal studs, but make sure you use the magnets for 12 hours a day from 2 weeks  after piercing for 6 months. You can glue a stud onto the magnet to improve the appearance.