Acne Treatment at the Oxford Skincare Clinic

Acne is often not treated vigorously enough in the UK, which causes misery for patients, and  can result in permanent scarring.

We are experienced at dealing with all types of acne and  have access to the usual prescription medications for acne including Roaccutane (isotretinoin) for suitable patients.

Normally one initial consultation and one or two follow ups are enough to get patients onto an effective treatment regime.

For Roaccutane, we keep treatment costs as low as possible. We see patients monthly for about 6 months. After the first consultation, these can be 15 minute consultations.   We do pre treatment blood tests and further tests one month into treatment. Sometimes your GP will do the blood tests to further save cost. International guidelines are strictly followed as Roaccutane is a toxic drug, so you will have to sign declarations to ensure you understand the treatment, and we will follow you closely with extra email or telephone advice if needed.